03 / 31 / 2016

EA Russia participates to the ExoMars programme 2016

On March 14th , EA Russia has contributed to a very important event: the launch of the Orbiter and Schiaparelli on a Proton rocket that will fly to Mars to establishing if life ever existed on the planet.
This is the first of two joint ESA-Roscosmos missions to Mars for a seven-month journey.
The Russian company’s role was to provide medical and equipment support to the launch team of about 60 people.  Since their collaboration in 2001, ESA & EA Russia have launched a total of 13 various satellites.

02 / 19 / 2016

Europ Assistance, voted the most welcoming brand in France

The new Observatory of welcoming brands realized by BVA for the communication agency « Change » ranked Europ Assistance as top of the welcoming brands in France.

02 / 05 / 2016

Europ Assistance Working on the border

In April 2015 Generali’s client, Dayana, became seriously ill in Madagascar, while she was on a trip.
Thanks to Europ Assistance Italy’s reactivity and professionalism, the company has managed to move her quickly, organizing land and air transportation to get her safe to a hospital, then back home and into the arms of her future husband.
Watch the video here => https://youtu.be/yivP9BapAXs