Europ Assistance - Activity Report 2015-2016 - page 25

The latest addition to the Health business line, Connect&Moi, was launched
in France in January 2016. This innovative digital solution uses motion sensors
to analyze customers’ behavior at home over time. The sensors send data to a
“connected learning box” that uses algorithms to detect unusual behavior that may
indicate that the customer needs help. Automatic alarm signals are sent to our
assistance platform, which can contact customers directly, for example, to remind
them to drink more in hot weather; contact their family to tell them how they are;
or, when necessary, call the emergency services or healthcare specialists.
This is the first time ever that this kind of technology is applied to a home
assistance and prevention tool. Connect&Moi gives people the choice to stay
independent and live at home, while getting the care they need 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.
Connect&Moi enables our senior
customers to stay at home, knowing
that help is close by if needed. This
reassures families, care givers and
healthcare professionals, while also
preserving the seniors’ independence.
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