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Home is the center of our lives, even more than ever with smartworking.

But unforeseen events can happen at any moment. Our products are design to assist our clients in case of damage, such as leakage, fire but also lost keys, broken glass or pests.  We provide emergency service with our professional network of craftmen including plumber, electrician, locksmith,…

Protecting your Home

Home Emergency

Bringing immediate assistance

Unforseen events can happen anytime. A sudden leakage or losing home keys. Our Home Emergency service provide immediate assistance to organize the missioning of a qualified craftmen to solve the issue.

Peace of mind for our client and easy to access service by phone or digital

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Climatic Risk

Protecting you

Our specific climatic risk offer brings a comprehensive set of assistance services in case of hail, flood that can make your home damaged or unhabitable. We provide solutions to repair your home, remove pests, protect your home and belongings and even organize baby sitting or pet sitting if needed.


Removing Pests

Pests can infest your home. With Europ Assitance, we identify the adequate treatment to eliminate your pest problem and keep it from coming back. Our scope of intervention covers both indoor and outdoor (Ants, Bedbugs, Termites, Wasps and many more…)

Protecting you and your Family

Pet Assistance

Caring for your animals

We care for the health and safety of your domestic animals. We provide several services for dogs and cats, including emergency surgery in case of accident or sudden illness of the pet, emergency transportation of the pet in case of accident or medical discharge, scheduling veterinary consultation or even pet sitting….

Legal Assistance

Protecting you

Our legal experts can assist you for various legal matters including legal and tax advice, consumer defense including traffic sanction management

Funeral Assistance

Standing by your side

We stand by our clients at all times, including the loss of a loved one. We provide service that facilitates the necessary procedures in the event of the death of the client or one of their dependents, according to the contracted plan, including administrative formalities, body preparation, funeral (burial or cremation), body transfer….

Protecting your belongings

Home Appliances

Repairing your appliances

A breakdown of dishwasher, fridge or washing machine can become stressful if you cannot find quickly a qualified craftmen. We believe that repairing home appliances should be easy and can quickly identify the issue and appoint a technician. If possible, we even propose to do first a video diagnosis that can solve the breakdown even faster

Mobile Phone

Protect your Mobile Phone

We propose Mobile Phone insurance coverage in case of theft, breakdown, accidental damage including screen breakage. Our team of specialist will repair or replace your phone according to the contracted plan, including transport and labor cost