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Help us reinvent the assistance industry

Ever since we invented the assistance concept more than 55 years ago, we’ve been a leader in the industry. But there is still a lot to be done. To take our business forward, we rely on a skilled network of people, partners and customers. Join us to make things happen and shape the future of the assistance industry.

A culture of empowerment

At Europ Assistance, you are given the power to make things happen, from concept to impact. We have created open environment where everyone can contribute to our collective success and make a difference through their work. Being empowered means combining autonomy, responsibility, strong ownership, and a willingness to go the extra mile.

At Europ Assistance, every one has clear objectives to reach and conducts at least one performance dialogue a year so you can learn and grow with us, year after year.

An open environment

We are committed to listening to our people and letting them express their opinions in an honest and transparent manner. One of Europ Assistance's flagship human resources initiatives is our engagement survey, conducted every two years.

Engagement surveys are crucial because they give employees a venue for open feedback and insight into the reasons that prevent employees from being committed to the success of our organization.

  • Smart and Flexible Offices

    Since September 2016, we have entirely redesigned our HQ office spaces. By getting rid of assigned seats for everyone within the company—from the bottom up—we are breaking down barriers and instilling a sense of open collaboration. In addition, we are testing out the practice of remote work in a variety of sites, giving employees the flexibility to choose where to work.

Caring is part of who we are

We seek people who are not just competent and professional, but also truly passionate about caring for other people. Caring is essential when it comes to our relations with our customers, and is an integral part our success as a business. “You Live We Care” is what Europ Assistance stands for in the eyes of the world and it is our employees that bring this culture to life. To all our employees “We Care” means that we are all Caring, Available, Reliable and Easy to Work With.

Diversity & Inclusion

Equality between men and women is a major stake in which Europ Assistance commits. As of 1st March 2021, men and women equality index Europ Assistance entity (UES) amounts to 81 points out of 100 (see here).

Take your career global with us

Europ Assistance is a truly global company. We are present in over 200 countries and territories, giving our teams a unique opportunity to take their passion across borders.

We are committed to the personal development of our 7,765 employees, making sure they stay connected as a global community.

  • 5 reasons to apply

    • Make things happen by providing leading care services to people and communities worldwide.

    • Become a member of a connected and diverse global community united in their passion for care

    • Take your career to the next level and grow in an open environment where your skills are valued and nurtured

    • Contribute to our collective success by making a difference through your work

    • Work for a world leader with a solid growth outlook committed to shaping the future of the assistance industry

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