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Taking CRM Services to the Next Level

With our cutting-edge, personalized and premium Concierge & CRM services, our aim is to satisfy customers’ every need. Our highly qualified, multilingual concierges are available 24/7 through an omni-channel platform; a one-stop shop accessible by phone, text message, email, social networks, chat, website, or a dedicated app, personalized for each corporate client.

Fully personalized services

From flight bookings and exclusive restaurant reservations to autographs or rare objects and VIP access to events or other “inaccessible” perks, our teams are capable of responding to a broad array of requests.

Our ability to offer customers access to such a vast range of experiences has been possible by forging exclusive partnerships in a variety of sectors such as banking, traveling or luxury. One of our most emblematic achievements is the access to the world’s largest inventory of gastronomic restaurants offering the best value for money.

A new era in customer relationship management

Whether it’s the monthly get-away with the family in a 4-bed hotel room by the beach, or going to a football match with a friend, we will make the most relevant offers at the right time.

Our high-end concierge service is based on advanced data analytics. Thanks to the cutting edge technology of our proprietary CRM system, we can fine-tune the customer profile at each interaction and increase the accuracy of proposals over time.

This new generation of concierge services also relies on the use of chatbots. As conversational robots, they behave like personal assistants. Chatbots are particularly valuable for consumers who live in a ‘mobile always’ world and who want to make their wish come true at the push of a button.