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Valuing each customer uniqueness

Taking care of every client or employee’s request and experience is a top priority for Generali Concierge Services: if you are looking for an exclusive and unforgettable one-of-a-kind experience to offer to your customers, we are right there to help you.

We design specific and customized programs, delivering true value to our clients, following our aim of turning customers relations into greater satisfaction. Focusing on customers and employees’ needs, we facilitate their daily life and we strive to gain their loyalty.

Our high quality of expertise at your disposal to encourage loyalty to your brand

The Concierge Services and products we offer are designed to enrich our client’s business with the latest technologies available. Our mission is to create a strong bond with your customers and get to know more about them through our cutting edge technology.

Thanks to our extraction of information, your database will be enriched with an accurate snapshot of your customers: lifestyle, travel patterns, specific needs, personal and behavioral data, etc. providing you with the cutting-edge advantage of knowing your customers and receiving tailored support at any moment.

By working as an integrated marketing agency, we offer:

  • Tailor-made loyalty programs and communication campaigns depending on each client’s needs.
  • An updated knowledge of current trends in our field and new partnerships.

Our expertise is at our clients’ disposal for additional services such as ad-hoc training and support to help them create a strong bond with their customers and employees.

Our premium CRM Services

We are dedicated to deliver excellence and offer the best CRM services and customized affinity programs to our clients: our teams respond to a broad array of requests, from a basic logistic need to outlandish types of request, from restaurant bookings to tailor-made travel organization. These services are available thanks to our exclusive partnerships in a variety of sectors such as banking, traveling, automotive or luxury.

Our personal assistants accompany and guide each customer in his/her daily life with great care and attention to detail, operating in our client’s name.

Relocation services for Expatriates

One of the specific services we offer is assisting expatriates with their relocation in the hosting country, from home management options, to the learning of local language and culture; we also accompany their families by helping them integrate in the local communities.

Thanks to our worldwide presence, we are also able to meet expatriates in person and to guide them through all the administrative procedures, such as VISA, residence permit and so on.

Putting in a request to our network

Our Concierge working as a white label is available 24/7 through a global multilingual network who provides a high quality service, with attention to detail and devotion to provide the best services and experiences to our clients, always guaranteeing discretion and privacy.

Our Conciergerie is available via phone, SMS, email, social networks, chatbots, websites or through the dedicated app. Each channel is adapted to the brand image of each corporate client.