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Vacation Rental Protection

With over 30 years of experience in Managed Vacation Rental and Listing Model, Europ Assistance is a leader in Vacation Rental Insurance.

We help our partners generate revenue and improve guest satisfaction with full-service Vacation Rental Damage Protection and Travel Insurance programs.

Our vacation rental property insurance programs are easily integrated with today’s top software platforms, and we offer comprehensive training and marketing solutions to you at no extra cost.

Grasp the opportunity to build ancillary revenue

Vacation rental sector has grown over the past decade, leveraging on new technologies and offering new value-added services.

We work closely with our clients by integrating insurance plans into their online reservation platform and by offering additional protection in case of property damage.

Our vacation rental protection plans enable our clients to secure their business through cancellation penalties while protecting their guests’ prepaid deposits and payments against certain covered reasons listed in the plan.

Our unique solution for vacation rental protection

Protecting our clients’ relationship with property owners

We help Market Places and Property Management Software companies retain owners and Property management Companies by:

  • Differentiating themselves
  • Protecting their income
  • Preventing passing the cost for accidental damages within the rental home onto them

Protecting our clients’ guests vacation

We provide insurance coverage and 24/7 multi-lingual emergency assistance services to protect guests’ vacations.

  • Discover our solution


    •Against common cancellations and certain weather-related events

    •Against certain emergencies which cause guests to be delayed or leave early


    • Emergency assistance and transportation and medical and dental expenses cover
    • Baggage loss or delay


    • An attractive alternative to a traditional security deposit for homeowners and guests

    Vacation Rental Damage Protection is an insurance product that covers both renters and home owners and protects themselves from additional expenses should accidental damage occur to a rental property.


    • Protection against rentals not as advertised or not accessible on arrival
  • Property Damage protection – Key Benefits

    For home owners

    • GUESTS ARE LESS HESITANT TO PAY: One of the biggest disadvantages of demanding security deposits is that it can actually deter some guests from choosing your home. With this Damage protection, the renter pay an amount lower than a security deposit and your are both protected against accidental damage in the vacation rental.
    • LESS HASSLE: No need to process refunds after checkout and in case of damages a neutral intermediary manages efficiently all the processes
    • RECEIVE GREATER PROTECTION: Higher level of coverage than most security deposits. Coverage limit could be 10x more than the average damage deposit.
    • FAST CLAIM PROCESSING: Online claims processing starts within 24 hours of receipt of claim form and documentation

    For renters

    • VACATION SPENDING KEPT UNDER CONTROL: Avoid the hassles of checks and credit card holds.
    • SIMPLE PROCESS: Make a simple, one-time payment upfront.
    • SERENITY: Relax, knowing that you have coverage for accidental property damage