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Corporate & SMEs

Medical assistance including doctors and meals at home, rehabilitation, transportation. Even house cleaning!

With a population of employees to care for, reward and protect, corporations and Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises rely on Europ Assistance to provide a range of services and products that  not only cover their employees, but play an active role in making their lives easier. Whether your people are working at home or abroad, on the move or settled in a new location, here’s an overview of the kinds of things we do to bring them from distress to relief on a daily basis.

Lowering costs for senior care by boosting home care options: readmission rates reduced from 18% to 8% in the US.


With employees on the move in different countries, our travel services help businesses cope with issues that can crop up en route so that their people can arrive where they need to be, when they need to be there. Our solutions are designed to mitigate risks and provide appropriate care in times of need. These may include roadside assistance, extended warranties, travel insurance, medical insurance, security services and other solutions. Our goal is to protect your mobility, helping your people stay productive no matter where they’re traveling.


Senior Care

Caring for the elderly is an increasingly important market, and we work with corporations and SMEs to find ways we can put our medical networks at  the service of elderly members in their employees’ extended families. In China, for example, where institutionalized senior care is a relatively new concept, we introduced an extremely successful pilot program in Changzhou that sends nurses to accompany patients from home to hospital and back again, making sure they have personal assistance as they navigate complicated and time-consuming medical visits.


We provide a range of health services for corporations and SMEs as part of their employee benefit programs, relying on our international network of doctors to provide medical support to individuals in need. We also supply both pre- and post-hospitalization services through our health partners, preparing patients for surgery and helping them recuperate faster and more fully after surgery is complete. In some countries, for example Germany and Austria, we offer employees and their family members psychological support services designed to combat stress, or specialized programs addressing ongoing medical difficulties such as diabetes, oncological issues, heart problems and more.


Your  employees  become  our  end   consumers.   Our concierge business line focuses on boosting employee retention and loyalty by tailoring useful services directly to individuals. These can include special services for VIPs and  CEOs  like  luxury  travel  assistance, advice   on   everything   from  local restaurants to rental cars, and more.  We use our detailed customer portfolios to engage your employees to help them feel at home no matter  where they’re working.


“It’s important that corporations and SMEs understand our offering is complementary to their preexisting services. We are cost-conscious, focused on engaging patients while at the same time taking steps to optimize internal costs. We do this by relying on our own, in-house medical professionals, tailoring our services to fit the specific needs of each organization.” Francine Abgrall HEAD OF TRAVEL PRODUCT LINE, EUROP ASSISTANCE