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Tour Operators & Travel Agencies

Products for cruises, outdoor and indoor sports, long-distance, customer profiles and more.

Today, with the transformation in travel introduced by the internet and do-it- yourself vacationing, tour operators, travel agencies and online travel services have to provide their customers more than just plane tickets and hotel reservations. Customer loyalty and ancillary revenues are more valuable than ever, and Europ Assistance tailors its products and services to meet the evolving needs of customers who rely on travel agencies.

Medical network with over 350 professional doctors and medical professionals online around the world.


Our extensive travel  assistance  network  comes  in handy for people who are often on the move,  allowing us to provide a reliable digital experience for customers in difficulty in a foreign country so  that they can get the help – from baggage tracking to assistance with flight cancellation and more – they need, when and where they need it. We carefully tailor our products to individual customer needs, creating added value for airlines by providing opportunities for extra revenue at every step of the booking process.


Concierge services are a perfect way for tour operators and travel agencies to expand their relationship with customers, providing a range of white label services as well as geo located advice for family activities, travel tips, rental options, personal guides and more. The service can also help customers make reservations, purchase tickets, and provide local knowledge and tips useful for travelers at the touch of a button.


For people traveling with elderly parents or family members, we provide peace of mind through products that cover unexpected medical events that may occur while they are far from home. Our senior care services supply medical experts, on-call doctors, recommendations about the best local facilities to use and other services designed to make their journey as relaxing and uneventful as possible.



“At Europ Assistance we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients, taking a flexible approach to supplying the products and services they’re looking for, learning together what works best and refining our offering to suit their needs.” Francine Abgrall HEAD OF TRAVEL PRODUCT LINE, EUROP ASSISTANCE