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CSR integrated into our growth strategy

Faithful to our pioneering spirit, Europ Assistance was the first international player in the sector to adopt a CSR approach. Today, the Group's development is inseparable from its impact on society and is directly related to its history, business lines and values.

Europ Assistance has based its CSR strategy on three powerful convictions:

  • Acting as a business in line with its values
  • Encouraging innovation and health prevention, and fostering loyalty from its staff and partners  
  • Drawing up an overall strategy to act locally, wherever the Group has a presence.

Boosting innovation and long-term growth

Through our CSR commitments, Europ Assistance aims to underscore the vitality of its core values, enhance its overall performance, and ensure a long-term future. 

As a driver for economic efficiency and innovation, our commitment to social responsibility is crucial to the Group’s ambition to be a world leader in its sector.