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A mobility & care pioneer, fit to lead the industry well into the future

To continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in the assistance industry, we've organized our offer into five different business lines. Focusing on the solutions that matter the most allows us to concentrate our efforts on building offers that more accurately reflect industry and specific segment needs.

Whether it be for travel, roadside assistance, home emergency, concierge services, or medical insurance, we use highly-customized, modular, ready-to-sell, single or bundled solutions to resolve difficult or stressful situations.

Regardless of the request—recovering broken down vehicles, renting a car, booking a hotel, taxi or train ticket, calling out a plumber or electrician—we’re attentive to customer needs, round-the-clock.

A culture based on continuous innovation

We've learned to think like a disruptor, we never stand still. This drive and dynamism has allowed us to stay on the top of our game, innovating to constantly redefine our service offering.

Using technology, we give customers flexibility in the way they can build our offer, letting them choose how to activate the assistance they need.

For instance, in Digital Roadside Assistance, we offer our clients à la carte types of services — be it through a virtual agent, a chatbot, an app or a phone call.

This reflects our wish to not only provide solutions but “experiences,” as ultimately we see each interaction as a chance for us to learn more about our clients and make a lasting impression.