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The Way We Work Shapes the Way We Care

Created 54 years ago, our mission has remained the same: caring for people and improving their lives by providing services that resolve difficult or stressful situations. To fulfill our ambitions, we are taking concrete steps to create an open environment where everyone can contribute to our collective success and make a difference through their work.


We are a service-oriented business. Our strategy is built on customer satisfaction. Protecting and assisting clients is what we do. With greater agility built into our company, Europ Assistance is a truly customer-centric organization. Year after year, this allows us to reach new heights in the assistance industry.

Proactive Care

We count on an incredibly skilled network of people and partners committed to doing whatever it takes to meet our customers’ specific needs. Our teams systematically ask questions to customers about their experience to improve the way we work.

Empowered people

Acknowledging that empowered consumers expect to deal with empowered service providers, we've boosted our collective ability to tackle challenges to get the most out of what the organization has to offer, instilling a culture of empowerment throughout the company.