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Present in over 200 countries and territories

Our assistance teams benefit from the strength, reliability, and international reach a global company brings to the table. This position enables us to deploy our services to brand new markets at a faster pace. In fact, we have a strong track-record scaling up assistance solutions internationally to tap into new business opportunities.

Key Facts & Figures

  • 7,765 employees
  • Over 200 countries and territories covered
  • 750,000 providers including medical, travel, and roadside assistance
  • 41 assistance centers

A truly global company

Across borders, cultures, and languages, we’re proud to provide reliable care and assistance services to all types of individuals and businesses.

As we deliver swift and tailored interventions, we rely upon a distributed network that combines local knowledge with global coordination. Local correspondents use their understanding of local realities in conjunction with regional and global management to deliver solutions.

Excellence in service

High-quality standards and consistency are the backbones of excellence in service. Working with our global partners, we've created harmonious processes and implemented digital tools for the purpose of delivering the same offering and the same quality to all of our customers in all countries.

Our strong network of long-standing, global business alliances along with a culture based on performance enable us to deliver the same offering and the same quality to all of our customers, wherever they are.