What we offer – Insurers


Right Care, Right Time, Right Place

Insurers protect and defend people’s lives, health, possessions and wellbeing.

Today they are closer to their customers than ever before, accessible when and where people need them, providing not just coverage but advice, mobile services and prevention opportunities too.

At heart, insurers protect people from the damage unexpected events can cause in life. This makes them a perfect fit for a caring company like Europ Assistance. Here’s a look at how different Europ Assistance business lines help insurers care for their customer.


Our automotive division delivers a host of key services on behalf of insurers that include roadside assistance; extended warranties in some countries in which we operate; and digital medical teleconsultation for people traveling by car outside their own countries. One of the great advantages we offer insurers is our focus on digital, telematics and connected cars. We leverage these evolving digital realities to deliver services that can help insurers fine-tune policies; install eCall services in cars that make automatic emergency calls in the event of a severe accident; or bCall devices that allow the driver to contact the roadside assistance center and share key vehicle data at the press of a button. These services and others like them help insurers create additional touchpoints with their customers, providing help when they need it, where they need it, often directly through a customer’s cell phone.


Our personal assistance services respond to and resolve customer needs, providing help whenever and wherever necessary so that people interact more often with us and feel satisfied with the services we provide. These services include a broad range of on-call home repair professionals, from plumbers to electricians and more, who are dedicated to providing material assistance at home. They also include our renowned cyber protection services, which rely on professional cyber teams to provide personal data protection, defend a customer’s presence online, protect credit card information and more, including augmenting existing protections with legal assistance where necessary. We are even present to assist people struggling with a death in the family, through our dedicated funeral services.


In a market characterized by strong growth, we help insurers deliver a range of senior care services including a vast network of over 300,000 caregivers across the US united through our Carelinx program; Uber connections for caregivers to make sure they arrive where they’re needed; home-based staff  that  can provide  additional support directly at a patient’s residence; teleassistance, which leverages technology to reduce caregiving costs; and a virtual senior residence service that extends to a regular live-in residence once the patient is no longer able to remain at home. Many of our services are designed for assisted living solutions, lowering treatment costs and guaranteeing the best environment for healing. We focus on helping people take care of elderly parents. In China,  for example, where hospital waiting times can be extensive and overwhelming for the elderly, we have created a program that sends a nurse to accompany them door-to door, getting the patient where he or she needs to go and staying with them during the visit to make sure all their questions are answered and their problems addressed.


Insurers rely on our expertise to help them contain costs and provide assistance for insured people traveling outside their home countries, for example services to monitor a customer’s health during a long voyage, and health assistance through our vast international medical network. We’re proud to have GMMI, the leading cost containment company in the US, which helps insurers monitor the healthcare journey of the people they insure, negotiating costs and making sure the insurer pays the right price for the required services.


Our primary mission is to build  customer  loyalty.  We work with insurers to embed our personalized, data-driven concierge services into their existing service networks, for example offering concierge through yacht and/or real estate service programs, providing renters the  help  they  need  with  their  boat or property. We also work with rental spaces, helping companies create co-working environments, and offering individually tailored services through life insurance policies. We aim to transform the customer experience and provide greater satisfaction overall.

“Europ Assistance is a market leader and a pioneer in digital roadside assistance. Insurers rely on us because we know the automotive insurance business inside and out. Our services help promote customer loyalty, improving their retention rates. We are a tried and tested service provider that works with the leasing leaders in Europe and large countries all over the world.” Paul Williams, Group Head of Sales – Europ Assistance.