Who we are – Europ assistance action on covid-19

Europ assistance action on covid-19


Europ Assistance has acted to protect the communities that we care for. 

  • We have offered 15 ventilators we made to hospitals in France, Italy and Spain. 
  • Europ Assistance France has also been very proactive by lending medical material (respirators, oximeters and a series of oxygen bottles) to major Parisian hospitals and by organizing medical repatriation of French citizens. In-house teleconsultations have increased threefold since early March while 50 000 elderly can benefit from remote support.
  • In Czech Republic, we are supporting the emergency core national help numbers.
  • Our network of 371 medical professionals, including doctors are supporting the public health emergency through their work with us through medical assistance and teleconsultation together as well as taking on work inside the public health system.
  • In Italy we’ve offered our car fleet (140 cars) to support associations and institutions that distribute meals and/or medication.
  • As a JV company in China, Generali China Insurance regards this as their social responsibility and commitment to protect those doctors who are helping Italy in this battle, hence they are insuring teams of Chinese doctors who are supporting the public health emergency in Italy while in addition, Europ Assistance Group via Generali Concierge Services is offering dedicated 24/7 assistance support.The assistance support includes general enquires, support with everyday life requests, booking of services and searching for providers. The aim is to remove administrative and culture burdens that can come while moving abroad, allowing doctors to focus on the medical emergency.

  • We are part of efforts from the Generali Group and the dedicated €100m fund to support the COVID-19 emergency. Full details can be found here: https://www.generali.com/media/News/covid-19-emergency

To discover more on actions taken in France and Italy: https://media.europ-assistance.com/covid-19-emergency–europ-assistances-contribution/



We acted swiftly to protect our employees and their families. 

  • Europ Assistance has established dedicated hotlines for employees to contact in case of any symptoms or medical advice during this period for themselves and their families.
  • Europ Assistance’s acted swiftly to ensure business continuity, extending the already strong culture and processes of remote working in all countries which it operates in.
  • All employees have been offered training and advice on the symptoms of COVID-19 and guidance on how to maintain personal hygiene.  
  • Medical triage and planning in case of symptoms in the workplace has been planned for all entities, as well as consistent deep cleaning of offices.  


We acted swiftly to protect our customers and offer support. 

  • Europ Assistance continues to be operational for our customers, including complicated medical repatriation cases working in collaboration with government authorities. 
  • Our teleconsultation services, delivered by our 371 medical professionals in the group is experiencing increased demand.
  • Europ Assistance’s hotline services related to COVID-19 are extended to a number of B2B Partners and in many countries, Generali employees and agents. 
  • In Germany, our senior care company Pflegix, is working to support seniors and vulnerable individuals through its network of professional caregivers with purchases of essential items such as shopping or pharmaceuticals.
  • Europ Assistance is offering a dedicated COVID-19 support product which includes phycological support, post hospitalisation treatment plans, teleconsulation and support for those in isolation including the purchase of shopping or pharmaceuticals.