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Romantic trip in Thailand

When a romantic trip to a heavenly island is sabotaged by a scooter accident… Even in the most isolated places, we work around the clock to ensure care is delivered.


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Family matters in Paris

When a mother suffers from a stroke while on vacation in Paris with her teenage daughter, our ressources also ensure her daughter will always have somene at her side. And not anybody…


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Surfing USA

When a professional surf photographer is caught in the waves of Florida while trying to get an award winner shot, our teams endeavour to bring him back home safely to his loved ones.


You live, We Care

For almost 60 years, our mission has been to bring our customers facing stressful situations from distress to relief, anytime, anywhere, thanks to a 450 medical staff and relying on a unchallenged medical network.


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Behind the scenes

Every story is different. Every answer is unique. But it requires many people who commit and coordinate relentlessly in order to reach out one same final relief. No matter how, no matter where.

Relive our 3 stories alongside with those who make this relief possible.

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You live We Care