Europ Assistance in Ireland

1. Introduction 

Europ Assistance SA, trading as Europ Assistance SA Irish Branch (EAIB) is an insurance and reinsurance company, located in Dublin, Ireland. 

Europ Assistance SA, trading as Europ Assistance SA Irish Branch is registered in Ireland in the Irish Company Registration Office under certificate N° 907089.  The office is located at Ground Floor, Central Quay, Block B, Riverside IV, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Dublin 2, DO2 RR77, Ireland.

EUROP ASSISTANCE S.A. a French stock corporation with a share capital of 35,402,785 EUR, regulated by the French Insurance Code, has its registered office at 1, promenade de la Bonnette, 92230 Gennevilliers, FRANCE and is registered in the Register of Commerce and Companies of Nanterre under number 451 366 405.

2. Pupose and identity 

EAIB is working with more than 20 of the Group’s subsidiaries and this number continues to rise each year.

EAIB works closely with the local EA subsidiaries to avail of their local market knowledge and advice on issues such as pricing, coverage and regulatory matters.  EAIB’s objective is not to duplicate their role and work but to use their local expertise and business knowledge to develop good, profitable business.  In doing so EAIB provides better and more efficient use of Underwriting Capacity available within the Europ Assistance Group.

EAIB is not directly involved in assistance provision, as this is managed by the Europ Assistance Group service entities.  Insurance claims handling is managed through the dedicated call-centre platforms throughout the Europ Assistance Group.  EAIB is able to draw on the global assistance and claims handling expertise of the Group.

EAIB has invested significantly in developing an IT system to manage its international insurance contracts.

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3. Risk financing solutions 

EAIB can directly insure in all European Union member states, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway on a Freedom of Services basis. 

It also acts as a reinsurer for contracts from anywhere in the world, working closely with local partner insurance companies including many in the Generali Group, subject to compliance with Generali security guidelines and local laws.

EAIB is the sole EA insurance company that underwrites and insures international contracts managed by the International Business Division (IBD) and Global Corporate Solutions (GCS).  EAIB works closely with the IBD and GCS teams in all aspects of international contract management and is a key component of EA’s solutions for international insurance contracts.

The team works with a wide variety of insurance buyers and intermediaries and can provide support to its clients in designing appropriate solutions and strategies for managing their insurance programmes and risk financing. 

4. Products and services 

EAIB holds licences to write seven (7) classes of insurance and acts as both an insurer and reinsurer for all of Europ Assistance Group’s core products of Travel, Roadside Assistance, Health, and Home & Family assistance. 

5. Credentials of team 

The EAIB team members have over 100 combined years’ experience of working with international insurance programmes, which gives it a significant level of understanding and experience of the unique issues that can be raised by developing insurance contracts across multiple territories and jurisdictions.  EAIB is therefore well placed to recognise, identify and solve key risk financing concerns and problems as they arise to the benefit of its clients and partners.

By working closely with its partners and colleagues, EAIB supports the drive for sustainable programme design and evolution to develop long-term mutually beneficial collaboration with EA’s clients and partners.

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6. Key facts 

The Irish Branch was established in November 2003 as a Branch of Europ Assistance Holding, which is in turn a fully owned subsidiary of Generali Group. 

Through this ownership structure EAIB is backed by the A security rating of Generali given by A.M. Best). As a Branch of a French parent company, EAIB is regulated by the French Insurance Regulator – Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Resolution (ACPR). 

EAIB currently writes gross written premium of approximately EUR 150 million.

7. Engagement 

EAIB welcomes the opportunity to work with its Europ Assistance and Generali colleagues, as well as external clients and insurance intermediaries to develop appropriate insurance and risk financing solutions to meet mutual objectives.  The team is keen to ensure that you have the opportunity to gain peace of mind that any insurance / reinsurance programme written by EAIB meets your expectations and would be happy to assist in any way in discussing your objectives and opportunities further or answering any queries you may have.

8. Personal Data Protection

The Protection of the Personal Data of its Clients is important for EAIB.
If you have any questions concerning the Processing of your Personal Data by EAIB or if you want to exercise a right in respect to your Personal Data, please contact the Data Protection Officer at the following contact details:

Europ Assistance S.A. Irish branch,
Ground Floor, Central Quay, Block B
Riverside IV
Sir John Rogerson’s Quay
Dublin 2, DO2 RR77

Tel: 00353 (0) 18973200 or to