We constantly work on improving our services in roadside assistance, following the significant transformations in the automotive industry, while always making sure we provide the best experience to our clients.


The Automotive sector will face changes due to the emerging of electric and self-driving vehicles, giving space to regions and players outside the traditional automotive set.

This growing wave of technological and sustainable megatrends will re-define mobility in a complex and disruptive way, with the consequent creation of new business models.

In this context, we will make sure our systems are up-to-date with the new market trends to guarantee customer’s satisfaction.

Support to our clients

Our clients can count on a trusted partner who delivers digital solutions to keep customer loyalty near to our automotive clients’ brand.

Automotive services are strongly and necessarily linked to the customer’s brand experiences. Gathering the most accurate information is crucial to understand customers’ needs to be able to enhance satisfaction and loyalty within our clients’ brand. For this reason, we develop and distribute surveys among our customers, using their feedback to fine-tune our services.

We develop a range of innovative and bespoke mobility solutions:

  • Digital Roadside Assistance transforms all the users’ experience journey – customers, providers and ourselves – thanks to the geo-localization that facilitates access to the assistance requests and keeps customers informed at every stage, from the notification of the breakdown to the moment when the repair work is completed.

Our comprehensive roadside Assistance offer ranges from phone fix, repair-on-spot, towing and replacement car offers to the journey continuation. Some tasks are properly automated and user can benefit from a new, simple and more efficient interface.

Together with Digital Roadside Assistance, we provide:

  • Teleconsultation via phone or digital channels is available in some countries to address medical cases when drivers are on the move.
  • Concierge services: we offer different high-end services requested by customers and we then provide our clients with the most accurate information to improve customers’ knowledge.

We guarantee a simple and seamless customer journey, from the very first moment the car breaks down to the moment it is returned.

We offer a high-quality customer experience through:

  • An easy to use interface
  • A streamlined, faster process (automatic location identification)
  • Real time information on service delivery

Our imperative is to listen and understand every customer, providing the right service at the right moment.

In addition to our call centers, customers can choose among different multichannel and multilingual contact channels:

  • Native app
  • Responsive website
  • Chat
  • Assisted virtual agent

In-car connectivity is one of the key major trends in the automotive industry nowadays. Therefore, we have developed more types of services and solutions linked to its functions:

  • Breakdown call (bCall) that allow the driver to contact the roadside assistance center and share key vehicle data at the press of a button
  • Emergency call (eCall) service providing assistance upon reception of automatic alerts in the event of a severe accident


Created in 2016, ERA is a truly pan-European partnership, leveraging on the innovation capabilities of four leading players in this sector –Europ Assistance, RAC, Falck and VHD-, which share values of costumer centricity, innovation and differentiation.

The partnership provides a central account management to steer and monitor services across Europe, ensuring a simple interaction.