Offer additional peace of mind with cyber protection

Cyber crime has become a major concern for both companies and individuals around the world, costing an estimated 0.8% of world’s GDP, that is $600 billion yearly*. From virus or malware programs, identification theft, financial information theft, malicious bots…there are many kinds of cyber risk out there.


People feel increasingly exposed to cyber risks as online activities are taking a greater part in our daily lives. However, currently many are neglecting solutions. According to recent survey lead by Europ Assistance, less than a third of respondents often change their password**.

Cyber attacks are stressful situations which not only involve the victim themselves but often those closest to them (relatives, clients…). The consequences can be dramatic and often have impact on reputation and can jeopardize personal and professional activity.

* Center for Strategic and International Studies, Feb. 2018

 ** Europ Assistance 2019 Cyber & Digital Protection barometer


We protect people from any stressful situation. That is why we designed a unique solution built-on:

  • Over 15 years of experience in designing cyber protection strategies for companies and individuals
  • A unique technological solution to prevent cyber crime
  • Assistance services in case of cyber attack

Our solution is composed of 4 key features:

  • Prevention: a software kit with 3 components to fill the gap left by traditional anti-virus (phishblock, data scrambler, secure browsing)
  • Monitoring: constant monitoring of all data customers want to protect in public and dark/deep web (email, documents, bank account …)
  • Alerting: risk level notification via text and email in case of suspicious activity detected, and monthly dashboard reporting on risk status
  • 24/7 assistance: in case of compromised or stolen identity customers can contact the Operations Center to get help with actions to be taken

Our solution is fully white labelled to allow our partners use their own brand and visual identity

An innovative and complete solution which enables:

  • Education: to securely use the web
  • Prevention: simple and useful tools to surf the internet protected
  • Information: regarding risks to who you are exposed to when surfing the internet
  • Risk mitigation: practical advice on how to limit such risks

We are fully committed to help our business partners deploy our solution and secure users’ adoption. That is why we created a partnership program which includes:

  • Support in the implementation of the solution and its customization
  • Training our business partner teams on how to properly use the portal
  • Ready to use marketing material (print & digital collaterals, market research…) to raise users’ interest
  • Account management to support the design and implementation of growth strategies

For any inquiry regarding our cyber protection solution, please write us at: