Acting For Our Customers’ Health And Wellbeing

We have always been at the heart of innovating healthcare, and we constantly invest in new technology and professional resources to provide the best experience to our clients, anytime, anywhere.

Discover our healthcare solutions, the perfect mix of easy to use digital tools and an empathetic human touch.


We promise that our medical teams are available 24/7 to our patients for remote phone, chat or video consultation or medical advice*.

Our medical teleconsultation service (or medical advice, depending on local regulations) fits every situation and context: at home, at work, while driving a car, when using public transport or when traveling throughout the world.

We provide advice and assistance in a safe environment, fully compliant with local and international regulations. Personal information is kept strictly confidential and the relationship doctor-patient is fully respected.

Our solutions

Medical professionals and patients can easily interact with each other, through our teleconsultation platform supporting video and chat or simple phone calls.

How it works

Patients can easily access our services, 24/7:

  1. We identify the patient and the reason of the access to our teleconsultation service, online via our proprietary Symptom Checker or by phone
  2. Our patient can immediately have access, or later by appointment, to Europ Assistance doctor by phone, video or chat
  3. Our patient receives a medical report, a medical prescription (if authorized) and a medical orientation 

Laura, 53 years old from France, decided to travel to Indonesia and visit the incredible Dieng Plateau and its multi-colored lakes, hot springs, and ancient Hindu temples. After 3 days of trekking without respite, she was out of breath. Thanks to the teleconsultation service by Europ Assistance France, she managed to speak in French to one of our doctors on the phone and to get some advice. Luckily, all ended well and she didn’t have to go to the hospital.

Victor, 34 years old from Spain, is worried about his first time as a runner at the Marathon of GranCanaria, the Transgrancanaria. Thanks to the medical advice service included in his accident insurance, he managed to find a sport physician on the app operated by Europ Assistance Spain and discussed his concerns via chat.

Europ Assistance offers telemedicine services to improve patients’ access to the healthcare system, in a quick and flexible way.

Benefits for our partners:

  • Market differentiation with high value services for the insured
  • Better engaging members of health and prevention programs
  • Better performance for referrals to approved healthcare providers
  • Enriched service offering thanks to anonymized data analysis

MyClinic: healthcare solutions to guide you throughout your care journey

Created by Europ Assistance, MyClinic engages patients through a seamless digital experience, where every service is adapted to their needs and maximum privacy is always guaranteed.

1. Engagement & Orientation

Patients are guided step-by-step throughout the entire healthcare pathway, discovering the most appropriate services according to their need and health condition.

2. Live medical consultation or medical advice with a doctor

Patients can explain their health concerns directly to a doctor and if necessary, medications can be prescribed (according to local regulations). Depending on countries, we propose different communication channels: phone, video or live chat.

3. A simplified access to medical professionals

Europ Assistance offers special tariff conditions for medical facilities all over the world. Our clients have access to an online booking system. If the facility and/or doctor they are looking for are not available, our teams will arrange the appointment for them within the shortest period and at the patients’ preferred time and place.

4. Access to advanced healthcare and patient support programs

Our clients can benefit from best in class and comprehensive programs offering*:

  • Chronic and dread disease prevention and management (diabetes program, oncology, cardiac diseases)
  • Access to expert medical opinion – nationwide and international (Second Expert Medical Opinion)
  • Health concierge services for corporations, their employees and their clients
  • International prevention and healthcare services (travel for treatment, DNA testing**, medical check-ups)

Solutions may vary depending on the country

** Only in authorized countries