Smart technologies for home emergency and assistance

At Europ Assistance, we are committed to finding smart and tailored solutions to our customers’ and their families’ specific needs at home and on the go. Customers can easily access our digital and multichannel solutions, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


We adapt our solutions to the needs of every member of the family. For instance, we protect our clients’ homes through our home maintenance services, IT assistance at home as well as administrative support. Also, we have included a range of on-demand services in our offer to enhance customer wellbeings, such as providing care and assisting families in finding a babysitter or caregivers.

Be it through prevention and lifestyle programs, Europ Assistance offers innovative services at home for all customer segments. These solutions can easily be integrated and adjusted to suit the needs of any client.

Bringing you the latest innovation

Whether it be for handling stressful emergency interventions like finding a plumber to stop a flooding, or a locksmith when a person has locked themselves out of the house, Europ Assistance uses the latest technologies to grant 24/7 access to our certified network of providers.

Through our digital and multichannel solutions, we ensure that our customers are covered in every situation. Likewise, our end-to-end customer service model guarantees our clients receive personalized, speedy and reliable solutions when they need it most.


Customers can count on our global network to handle emergency interventions, protect homes, and even deliver personalized care and assistance to families. An excellent example of how we cater to customer needs is our Homio solution.

Homio is a digital marketplace that connects customers to selected and qualified craftsmen for all of their home repair, renovation, and emergency necessities. It acts as an integrated platform of payment, booking, geolocation and multichannel contact.

Homio is available in a direct business model to retail customers and can be adapted as a white label solution into a reference tool for repairing kind intervention or a value-added alternative for all home renovation work.


Europ Assistance also launched Iris in 2016. With an easy-to-use dashboard, customers can review product features, enroll and activate their services online, monitor their personal information and view alerts and credit reports in a secure area. Thanks to its flexible and modular design, it is entirely customizable and available globally.

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