Europ Assistance is a trusted partner to millions of families and large corporations alike, offering both stand-alone services or including them in combination with insurance coverage.

We do this by anticipating your needs at home and on the go and by harnessing the latest technologies to offer world-class solutions.

Whether it be on your latest family vacation, a business trip, an emergency situation in your home or while driving, or simply booking a reservation to the best restaurant in town, Europ Assistance has pioneered an array of care and mobility services to protect you and make your life simpler.

We place the customer at the very center of everything we do by providing personalized, seamless and memorable experiences in the most difficult and stressful situations. Our mission is to secure the peace of mind and independence of our customers, whatever their needs. In this sense, Europ Assistance covers all of the bases by offering care and mobility solutions in Travel, Automotive, Health, Home & Family, and Concierge & CRM services.