Banks & Financial Institutions


Today’s banks and financial institutions are reinventing themselves, moving from human to digital, increasing the services they offer their customers, changing the ways they do business to meet evolving market demands. Their shared aim is to become lifetime partners for customers in a digital world. Here’s a look at how different Europ Assistance business lines tailor products and services to help them achieve that goal, from bancassurance to concierge services and more.



Thanks to our global health network, we collaborate with bank insurance programs to provide medical doctors when and where they are needed, for example through home visits and medical consultations over the phone or via video. Last year we supplied over 20,000 doctor home visits in Poland alone. We have also developed specific top medical expert networks to obtain second opinions on medical diagnoses and treatment recommendations, usually within 10 working days of completion of a patient’s medical documentation.


Banks and financial institutions rely on Europ Assistance for complete  mobility  protection  when  traveling. With over 750,000 service professionals around the world, coordinated by three international hubs,  we can boast the operational capabilities banks and small- and medium-sized enterprises need in order to assist large numbers of individual customers. We can even provide help with travel emergencies like flight cancellation and baggage tracking.


For wealth and asset management firms, our Concierge services are tailored to important individual customers, providing all-inclusive and à la carte services that private banks can use to give their customers much appreciated special treatment, supplying white label services and boosting customer loyalty.


To  help bring banks and financial institutions closer  to their customers, we supply services like home assistance packages, family bancassurance and servicing packages, consumer financing opportunities, cyber protection services and more. Even our less- well-known services can have an enormous impact  on clients’ lives. For example in Brazil, our funeral services segment sprang into action following two major disasters – collapse of the Brumadinho Dam and a fire in the Flamengo youth soccer dormitory –  to help identify bodies, coordinate local funeral services and cover funeral costs.

“We use the Net Promoter Score to constantly monitor the quality and success of every service and product we provide, fine tuning what works and making improvements based on user feedback. It is a part of our daily lives.” Jean Yves Le Berre GROUP GENERAL MANAGER, EUROP ASSISTANCE