Would Henry Ford know what to do behind the wheel of a modern car? Today’s automobiles seem to evolve with every production cycle, adding everything from stolen vehicle tracking technology to adaptive cruise control to self-parking. Europ Assistance is a perfect partner for the companies making today’s technologically advanced vehicles, offering digital solutions, comprehensive care networks and high quality services carmakers can leverage to provide the innovation, digitalization and flexibility their customers are looking for. Here’s a look at some of the products and services Europ Assistance provides for the automotive sector…



Our flagship offering is the first of its kind in the assistance industry: a digital, virtual agent that allows customers to access automotive services anytime day or night, anywhere in the world, via their preferred digital device. This means that no matter what they need – on the-spot repairs, towing, a replacement car – they can use our Digital Roadside Assistance to geo-locate the vehicle, facilitate assistance and immediately exchange real-time information about the car and the difficulties they’ve  encountered. The virtual agent is part of a multichannel contact solution that also provides service via web, phone and chat bot. And in addition to roadside assistance, we provide extended warranties in numerous markets that help carmakers boostcustomer loyalty. We also provide a range of services that rely on the connected car model, from eCalls (the car will contact assistance services in the event of an accident) to bCalls (the touch of a dashboard button puts the caller in contact with assistance services, automatically communicating location and information about difficulties with the car). We often offer flexible pricing schemes that reduce costs significantly compared to traditional providers, while guaranteeing that these same costs reflect real-life usage.


As part of our roadside assistance packages we provide digital medical assistance too, allowing drivers who have had an accident or find themselves in difficulty  to contact not only mechanics and towing services, but also doctors and other medical professionals when necessary. These programs are fully digitalized, letting people make contact via the car’s computer, cell phone, tablet or other personal digital device.


Our concierge services afford carmakers a host of opportunities to connect further with customers, extending the relationship well beyond purchase and the early years of ownership. In addition to offering premiumloyaltyprograms, conciergeputsthefullrange of luxury and convenience services – from requesting restaurant reservations to booking tickets or shopping for hard-to-find items – at the driver’s fingertips.

“Our virtual agent – the first of its kind in the insurance industry – provides convenience, peace of mind and ease-of-use. Customers connect via any digital device, instantly sharing location, information about the car and requests for assistance with our networks. It’s fast, simple and effective, and provides instant relief to people experiencing difficulty on the road.” Natacha Bouaziz GROUP HEAD OF AUTO