From closed-loop cruises to “nowhere voyages,” today’s cruise ships specialize in providing customers a safe, relaxing sojourn at sea.

We’re there behind the scenes, providing services and products these companies need to protect their clients and make sure everything runs smoothly. Here’s a look at the things Europ Assistance business lines can offer cruise companies.



As one of the world’s primary players in the travel insurance sector, we provide travel insurance, assistance services and care options that help cruise companies take care of the hundreds of thousands of passengers who board their ships every year, covering them throughout their journey with the company, from reservations to debarking at their final destination. Services including travel insurance, trip cancellation and advance booking help guarantee that passengers’ time with the cruise line goes as smoothly as possible, resolving issues immediately as they arise. Our international hubs coordinate our global reach, and our local professionals provide support in individual regions wherever and whenever necessary.


We provide a range of insurance options designed to protect customers during their cruise, as well as medical assistance through our international network of medical professionals, and medical emergency management. We also provide medical teleconsultation so that customers in need can obtain medical advice directly from our doctors via phone, video or chat… even from the ship’s deck!

“We research overall growth in the cruise sector to make sure we understand our clients’ needs. For example we know cruises are spending longer periods with customers, and that bookings are sometimes registered years in advance. Insights like these help us supply precisely the products and services our cruise clients need.” Francine Abgrall HEAD OF TRAVEL PRODUCT LINE, EUROP ASSISTANCE