Healthcare, public services & senior homes


Modern healthcare can be an expensive enterprise. From social security system penalties to pharmaceutical expenses, the sector is full of high cost propositions that can strain the budgets of even the most conservative providers. We work with healthcare providers, public services and senior homes, offering a range of additional support options that can help people recover more quickly and save money at the same time. Here’s a look at how.


Our medical assistance programs provide both pre- and post-hospitalization services that prepare patients for surgery and assist them once surgery is complete, lowering costs for healthcare providers. We also offer fully integrated discharge management and teleconsultation that relies on medical professionals to provide additional answers and advice. For the past 15 years we have partnered with social security services in French Polynesia, transporting patients who need special treatment to overseas hospitals within our networks, taking care of roughly 1,500 patients every year.


Europ Assistance’s digital roadside assistance and medical assistance services offer healthcare providers another way for both staff and patients to remain connected while traveling, even during the  short  route from home to hospital.


In the US our senior care company, Carelinx, provides seniors, families and professionals with a digital platform that connects patients and professional caregivers, lowering costs while maintaining high quality service. Senior care services have proven enormously successful, with promoter scores via the NPS system averaging 60% positive responses. We also use our technology and know-how in healthcare to provide additional support beyond a residence, for example by installing technology like motion sensors and medical alarms in the home.


Our global network of medical professionals can be made available to healthcare agencies and public services looking to extend coverage to a larger geographical area.


“As in many areas of Europ Assistance’s business, our experienced, professional networks make the difference, allowing clients to extend coverage not just beyond their immediate vicinity, but even halfway around the world at contained costs. It’s an added value for everyone involved.” Jean Yves Le Berre GROUP GENERAL MANAGER, EUROP ASSISTANCE