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Traveling can be an incredible experience, but unexpected challenges can arise at any moment. That’s why we’re proud to present our unparalleled Travel Insurance & Assistance products designed to provide you and your customers with ultimate peace of mind during your journeys. Our Travel Insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage that goes beyond the necessities:  From trip cancellations and interruptions to lost baggage, medical emergencies, and even emergency evacuation, our policies are meticulously crafted to protect your customers from unforeseen circumstances.

Protecting you

Medical expenses

Ensuring health and well-being for your customers, 24/7, worldwide

Your customers’ health and safety are at the core of our Travel Insurance products. With our Medical Expenses Coverage, they can explore the world with peace of mind, knowing that you have a reliable partner taking care of their well-being. Thanks to our transparent and efficient claims process, filing a medical expenses claim is a straightforward experience, especially during a time when they may already be dealing with stress due to an injury or illness.

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Personal accident

Unwavering protection: taking proactive steps to safeguard your customers’ well-being during their travel journeys.

Accidents can happen unexpectedly, and they can disrupt travel plans and life in an instant. Our with Personal Accident Services are specifically designed to provide your customers with financial protection in the unfortunate event of an accident. From minor mishaps to more severe incidents, we are here to care for your customers.

Legal protection

Your Legal shield abroad: the help you need to face unexpected legal challenges during a trip

At Europ Assistance, we believe that nothing should hold your customers back from exploring the world. With our Legal Protection Services, they can journey with confidence, knowing that you have a dedicated legal team ready to protect their interests and rights abroad. With their trips secured, they travelers can focus on making memories that will last a lifetime.

Personal Liability

Protecting you & your customers from the unexpected

As travelers embark on new adventures, it’s crucial to safeguard them from unforeseen events that could lead to personal liability. Our Travel Insurance products offers the best Personal Liability Services, providing you & them with a shield of protection against potential legal and financial liabilities during their travels.

Protecting your travel

Trip cancellation

Travel with confidence: Unmatched Trip Cancellation Protection for peace of mind

Life is full of surprises, and sometimes circumstances arise that forces travelers to cancel their trip. Our Travel Insurance products provides coverage for prepaid and non-refundable expenses, such as airfare, accommodation, and tours, in the event of a trip cancellation. Customers can rest assured that their investment is protected should the unexpected happen before departure.

Trip interruption / delay

Seamless Journeys: Unbeatable Trip Interruption & Delay Assistance for unforeseen challenges

Imagine your customer being in the middle of a dream vacation and facing an unforeseen interruption or delay. Our travel insurance products have them covered. If they experience a covered delay or interruption, we compensate for additional expenses incurred, ensuring their journey continues as smoothly as possible.

Missed departure

Never miss a beat: Our exceptional Missed Departure Coverage ensures travel plans stay on track.

Delayed transportation can be stressful, especially when it causes to miss a connecting flight or cruise departure. With our Missed Departure Services, travelers receive assistance in arranging alternative transportation, accommodation, and other necessary arrangements, so they can catch up with their travel plans.

Protecting your stay

Unexpected extension of stay

Seamless journeys, our unmatched unexpected extension of stay service keeps the travel journey going strong

If your customers’ trip extends unexpectedly due to unavoidable circumstances, our unexpected extension of stay coverage steps in to cover additional accommodation and essential expenses, so they can continue their journey without worries.

Property damage protection

Preserving peace of mind: unbeatable Property Damage Protection ensures a stress-free journey

Accidents can happen, even during travels. Our Travel Insurance products includes Property Damage Protection, covering your customers in the event of accidental damage to someone else’s property. They can focus on enjoying their trip, knowing they have financial support in case of accidental property damage.

Accidental damage protection

Travelling without worries: Unparalleled Accidental Damage Protection to safeguard travel memories.

From delicate souvenirs to rental equipment, our Accidental Damage Protection covers accidental damage to personal belongings and rental items, ensuring your customers don’t bear the financial burden for unforeseen mishaps.

Activities cancellation

Seize the day, worry-Free: Our Activities Cancellation Services ensures plans are always protected

Whether it’s a guided tour, a thrilling excursion, or a ticket to a sought-after event, our Activities Cancellation Coverage ensures your customers are reimbursed for prepaid activities in the event of trip cancellation.

No snow / bad weather coverage

Unpredictable weather, unwavering protection: Our No Snow / Bad Weather coverage ensures a smooth journey

Your customers are dreaming of a winter wonderland or a beach getaway when booking their specific trips. In the event of unexpected lack of snow or bad weather conditions that affects their travel plans, our No Snow / Bad Weather Coverage provides compensation for prepaid expenses, allowing them to reschedule or explore alternative options.

Protecting your belongings

Delayed luggage

Your solution to travel hiccups

We understand that the contents of a traveler’s luggage are essential to their trip. Our Delayed Luggage Services provides rapid reimbursement for essential items, such as clothing, toiletries, and other necessities, so customers can comfortably carry on with their plans without inconvenience.

Lost/Stolen luggage

Safeguarding your customers’ belongings, ensuring peace of mind

Lost or stolen luggage can turn any trip into a nightmare, but with our Travel Insurance product, your customers can bid farewell to worries and embark on new adventures with confidence. Our Lost and/or Stolen Luggage Services offer comprehensive coverage and assistance, ensuring protection throughout their journey.

Lost/Stolen Money

Your customers’ shield for financial security abroad

During a trip, the last thing anybody wants to worry about is losing money or falling victim to theft. In the event your customers find themselves without money in a foreign country, our Travel Insurance comes to their rescue with Emergency Funds Assistance, providing them with the necessary cash to tide them over until their situation is resolved. Moreover, our 24/7 support team is ready to assist, giving them personalized assistance, guidance through the claims process and support information on the necessary documentation.

Lost/Stolen documents

A safety net for a worry-free Journey

Losing essential travel documents while abroad can quickly turn a dream vacation into a nightmare. To ensure your customers are taken CARE of during this difficult situation, our lost/stolen document benefit allows them to get coverage to replace these essential items, assistance in reporting and replacing missing documents and coverage for associated reasonable costs incurred during the process.

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