Earth Day, it’s every day at Europ Assistance!

Earth Day, it’s every day at Europ Assistance!

May 4, 2023
The Care culture is the strength of Europ Assistance. Europ Assistance is also committed to a sustainable development approach in favor of the preservation of life and the protection of its environment.

What is Earth Day? A Brief History

April 22 is International Earth Day. April 22 marks the anniversary of the birth of the Earth Day environmental movement. It was in 1970, at a time when production went hand in hand with pollution, that the first public protests emerged. US Senator Gaylord Nelson instilled in these movements a public awareness of air pollution, water pollution and environmental protection as a political priority. Since then, Earth Day has become international and aims to raise public awareness of the importance of protecting the environment by promoting concrete actions.

Better management of our waste, our action for our first Earth Days! 

Sorting has become a commonplace gesture at home. What about at the office? For these first Earth Days, we’re taking action to better manage our waste.

By raising awareness to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

If you have lunch at the Restaurant Inter Entreprise (RIE), you can’t miss the new Europ Assistance posters! We’re sharing our tips for reducing waste at the RIE (the number one source of waste at Wilo). 

Would you rather visit the WeCare area? Discover our tips for optimizing and recycling your office waste on the screens!

By organizing our first “RDV de la RSE” on “The challenges of waste management and the circular economy in a world in transition” on June 1.

A conference led by Jean-Pierre Maugendre, Director of the Biodiversity and Environmental Protection Division of the Veolia Group, world leader in waste and water management! Waste accounts for 20% of methane emissions worldwide. Jean-Pierre Maugendre showed us how our relationship with waste has evolved, from hygiene to ecology. And how a circular economy is becoming necessary in a decarbonized world.

All our information materials are available on the Holding’s new intranet

Psst…! A page dedicated to ESG* has been added to the Holding’s new intranet!

You’ve heard the news: the new intranet is online! We are pleased to announce that a dedicated ESG page has been created (URL). You can now find our Earth Day information materials: how to improve our waste management and the life chain of our waste at Wilo!

But also, the ESG 2023 – 2025 policy and our various commitments. Much more information to come… Stay tuned!

Any questions or suggestions? Don’t hesitate, the ESG department has its own mailbox ->  ! 

*Environment, Society, Governance