Welcome to the Europ Assistance Group
whistleblowing helpline

To report any concern or violation of external and internal relevant regulations

Have you experienced inappropriate, fraudulent, unethical or illegal behavior? Don’t worry: our Europ Assistance Group Code of Conduct forbids any form of retaliation!

You can use this Helpline, operated by Whispli an independent third party, and you may choose to submit your report anonymously.
The information you provide to the Helpline will be sent to the competent Compliance Officer in a format that protects your confidentiality.

Every expression of concern will be investigated. Rest assured that no employee may suffer any retaliation for having reported a concern in good faith.

How it works

Complete your report

Once you start your report, you can upload files, save it as a draft to complete later, and submit it whenever you are ready.

Chat safely

As soon as your report is submitted, you can start chatting with Generali whether you’ve chosen to do so anonymously or not. You can also download the Whispli app to send messages and receive notifications so you never miss an update.

Check your report status

You can later check the status of your report at any time by clicking on “Follow up” on the organization page. The option to continue the dialogue is very important, as further information might possibly be required to solve the report fully.

You can be completely anonymous
You can be completely anonymous
Generali will never see your username or email. You are assigned a new randomly generated id and avatar for each report you create

Your IP address cannot be traced
Your IP address is deleted every single time and never stored in our servers. We also use high-grade AES256 encryption to protect your data

Send messages and files safely
Whispli removes any identifying meta data from most file types shared via Whispli