Europ Assistance

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Europ Assistance, for more than 60 years, our group’s mission has been to provide relief to people in stressful and difficult situations. Care has always been at the heart of who we are and what we do. “You live, we care” is more than a brand promise:  we want to create an environment where our diverse community feels safe, supported, and included. Consistently, our Group’s approach to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) is based on the idea that we can make a difference at work and in our daily life.

Europ Assistance is proud to be the official partner of 13 elite para-athletes from 9 countries. These champions, each excelling in their sport and category, form a unique international team that we support as a Group.

Our commitment

Our commitment is to promote a respectful, and safe environment, where people feel free to express their best selves and unleash their potential.  A more diverse, equitable and inclusive culture allows us to create long-term value for our employees, customers, and clients as well as the communities we live in, bringing our CARE promise to life.

We strive to promote a culture where Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are embedded in how we work and do business every day. We believe inclusion is everybody’s interest. Together with our employees, we strive to create an inclusive, bias-free and safe workplace, where everyone is provided with equal opportunities and  feels empowered.

We have defined a clear DEI strategy and we are taking concrete measurable actions to achieve our ambitions.


Diversity means recognizing and embracing our differences. There are many facets in this which encompass our preferences, ethnicity, background, appearances, upbringings, beliefs, sex, gender, and age.

In terms of our commitment to fostering an increasingly diverse work environment, we are focusing on two main areas: gender and generational diversity.

  • With regards to gender, we promote inclusion and equality to maintain a balanced distribution within the Group. We have a clear ambition to increase the presence of women in strategic position and to secure the presence of women in managerial roles. To achieve these goals, several proactive actions have been put in place, including awareness and education, a new acceleration and empowerment program, “We Empower”, targeting women managers to foster their development and career progression through three key elements: sponsorship, executive training and networking.
  • In addition, we want to ensure the balance between different generations by promoting the exchange of competences at all levels.

Equity means distributing resources and opportunities according to individuals’ unique circumstances throughout their professional lives, endeavouring to remove all barriers, and addressing discrimination or intolerance.

We are committed to equity to achieve impactful results by promoting fair treatment and equal access to opportunities, while working to eliminate the institutional and unconscious barriers that prevent everyone from unleashing their full potential. We focus on a data-driven approach to make decisions and we are working to enhance equity in our policies and processes, by sharing our group’s DEI Guidelines throughout our company.

We are also committed towards zero equal pay gap (below 1%). Among our medium and large countries, the global target has been reached, with no countries above 2% and 7 countries below the +/-1% margin

Inclusion means respecting others, making them feel welcome, appreciated, and safe, and creating a sense of belonging. An inclusive environment supports and embraces all differences and respects everyone through words and actions. Moreover, it empowers everyone to unleash their full potential.

We promote good behaviors and best practices to fully embrace all the different identities we have across our organization and create an environment where everyone is part of the company’s success. We fight any form of discrimination to ensure real inclusion of all individuals.

Europ Assistance is committed to recognizing and addressing the specific needs of our people diagnosed with cancer, ensuring their inclusion and support tailored to their personal situation, including their relationship to work during treatment. Our Group Executive Committee has endorsed various initiatives outlined in our Group Cancer Charter to uphold this commitment.

To ensure sustainability of our business, attracting talent with key skills as well as reskilling and upskilling our people is fundamental.  We want to attract and retain professionals with different backgrounds, and we strive to keep up the engagement of all our people by providing the right opportunities and developing skills. To support this goal, ”WeLearn”, our internal global learning platform, features +200 upskilling and reskilling programs. 

Disability inclusion

Since 2020, Europ Assistance has been dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for individuals with disabilities. Our commitment includes support from hiring to integration in the company, ensuring personal and professional growth for everyone.

We aim to inspire positive change by raising awareness and taking concrete actions, influencing our offerings and encouraging our business partners and providers to promote disability inclusion. We want to stand as a responsible partner for our entire ecosystem.

Aligned with our motto, “You Live, We Care,” we proudly present the “ThinkAbility” program, in partnership with 13 high-level international para-athletes from 9 countries. With the slogan “Look up, See Beyond,” this program challenges perceptions and promotes an inclusive view of disabilities, inspired by the extraordinary journeys of these exceptional athletes.

Gender inclusion and equality

We promote gender inclusion and equality through proactive actions and initiatives such as educating our employees on the importance of gender equality, deploying “We Empower”,  our women acceleration and empowerment program, sustaining women in STEM and entrepreneurship, reaffirming our ambition towards equal pay through equitable & data-driven processes,  and promoting fair treatment and access to opportunities.