Europ Assistance

Our vision and mission

Beyond the time and the tendances, we remain our global vision and mission unchanged. Anytime and anywhere we help our customers to solve difficult or stressful situations. We stand by our clients. Because care is our profession.    

Our mission

From distress to relief
anytime anywhere

For over 60 years we have been providing insurance and assisting millions around the globe. Our mission, our DNA has not changed since we have been founded. We’re proud of what we do, it’s a noble purpose.  Our mission is what we do every day. We are a care business, delivered by people. We make customers’ life easier every day providing relief during stressful and difficult situations as well as convenience and safety in their everyday lives.

Our vision is what we are today, and what we want to be in the future. We want to be the most reliable care company in the world. Trust is at the heart of our relationship with our customers and trust is about being reliable at any time, in every circumstance.

Our vision

To be the most reliable care company in the world

A trusted partner in care and mobility to millions around the globe

We take pride in our ability to listen and understand what keeps our customers up a night and respond with innovative and easy-to-use solutions. This has allowed Europ Assistance to adapt our care and mobility services to the trends that are constantly shaping the daily lives of people and businesses alike. Our world is changing rapidly and as a result Europ Assistance is harnessing the power of the latest technologies to enhance everyday life.

The truly global character of Europ Assistance and our network of partners, allows us to care for our customers wherever they may be in the world. Our international reach allows us to anticipate our customers’ needs and provide reliable and seamless solutions around the globe.

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“Our vision is to be the most reliable care company in the world”

Antoine Parisi – CEO  Europ Assistance Global