Europ Assistance Group Cancer Charter

Europ Assistance Group Cancer Charter

October 26, 2023
Europ Assistance’s commitment to promote awareness and support employees affected by cancer

The Cancer Charter

According to the World Health Organization, as the world population is growing and aging and the level of environmental pollution is rising, the global number of cancer cases is increasing. Europ Assistance must commit to promote awareness and prevention on cancer diseases among all our people and support the ones who are affected by cancer both during their convalescence and hopefully after the recovery.

Since February 2021, the Europ Assistance Cancer Charter gives tangible and actionable guidelines to endorse this commitment with four key steps. The Charter is signed by Europ Assistance Group Management Committee members to clearly show Europ Assistance’s position regarding Cancer. 


“As management team we must fight side by side of our employees who are experiencing the difficult and painful battle against cancer, and, when hopefully the disease is over, accompany and include the employee back to work without prejudice or biases. It has personal importance to me, as woman who fought cancer, that Europ Assistance is in the frontline to simplify life of our employees during their fight. And it’s also our duty to encourage our employees to make regular cancer screening tests.”

Virginie Babinet - Virginie Babinet, CEO Travel Insurance and Assistance and Generali Diversity & Inclusion Council Member

“The commitment we have for our clients is the same that we share for our employees. At every step of their journey, we show CARE to our people as it is instilled in our We Care values. Caring is the essence of who we are and what we believe in, and we will always make sure to support and uplift the employees who are battling cancer. Our mission is to give them the needed companionship whatever their choice and their ability, at the office or outside.”

Véronique Destruel, Group Chief Human Resources Officer

Promoting Cancer Awareness and Prevention

Europ Assistance and its management team implement, on a yearly basis, concrete initiatives to promote health behaviours and prevention regarding cancer. Those initiatives are done via conferences and meetings to raise awareness and sponsor a healthy lifestyle (against tobacco, suggesting a balanced diet and frequent physical activity…).

Europ Assistance and its management team launch a yearly communication campaign to raise knowledge and awareness on cancer (leveraging on free content available from many local and international health bodies)

Providing possibility for screening

Europ Assistance and its management team provide to all employee payed work hours to take cancer screening tests at least every two years (minimum 3 hours per employee every two years).

Supporting employees affected by cancer

Europ Assistance and its management team create an open and transparent work environment where employees’ medical information is properly treated and taken into consideration to guarantee an inclusive and no discriminatory working environment. Each employee feels free to share any health issues with the manager and HR Department if he/she wants. Europ Assistance promotes an inclusive working culture where cancer and other health issues are not a taboo.

Europ Assistance and its management team ensure that in case of diagnosis of cancer, the employee can choose, with unconditioned free will, either to work or not during cancer treatment (always respecting medical recommendations and the local regulation):

  • In case the employee affected by cancer decides to keep working, Europ Assistance provides flexibility (time for treatment, extended remote working, part-time…) in line with the individual choice/needs (accordingly to medical recommendations and the local regulation).
  • In case the employee affected by cancer decides to benefit from sick leave, Europ Assistance offers to the employee the possibility to keep him/her informed, according to local regulations during leave of absence, of the company’s news and developments in order to preserve the sense of belonging to the organization via:
    • Company official communications (company newsletters…)
    • Invitations to Town Halls and Events
    • Periodic human contact with the employee (calls or messages by manager/HR)

Finally, Europ Assistance offers to the employees diagnosed with cancer free second medical opinion to provide the best medical consultation possible.

Accompanying employees when back

Europ Assistance and its management team accompany and support employees when back from sick leave to be reintegrated in the company life (with assignment of a trained company buddy or provide dedicated coaching…).

Europ Assistance and its management team include the employee in all the company process both in terms of career progression and development opportunities with no discrimination or bias related to the employee past or present health condition.