All Mobility Products

From roadside assistance to a comprehensive set of mobility products, Europ Assistance is able to deliver effective responses to all motoring and mobility issues and ensure customers remain on the move.

We deliver assistance to all types of vehicles: thermic and electrified, vans & trucks, motorbikes, bike and other micro-mobility devices

Roadside assistance and vehicle emergency services

Phone fix

Whenever possible, our assistance coordinators aim at solving issue by phone, as a first priority, taking the time to get the right information from the motorist. This helps to prevent the dispatch of resources where not necessary.

Repair on spot

Our network of roadside assistance providers can perform Repair on Spot to resolve the incident and this re-instate immediate mobility for the customer.

Towing services

Our granular network of towing trucks ensures fast and appropriate intervention: when Repair on Spot is not possible, the immobilized vehicle is towed to a repairing workshop.

Journey continuation

Our priority is to ensure customer mobility in line with their needs and expectations: our assistance coordinators propose the most appropriate options to restore the mobility and allow the motorists and passengers to continue their journey or return home. These options can include car rental proposed through our network and alternative transport solution (train, public transports,…). 

Vehicle repatriation

We can manage car repatriation via our vehicle transportation network after an immobilization and recovery abroad, so that the customer’s vehicle is delivered back home or to the garage. 

Vehicle ownership lifecycle care

Car Pick-up & Delivery

convenient and time saving service for customers, they can benefit from doorstep pick-up and drop-off of their car, at home or office: no need to drive by themselves their car to a workshop or service center.

Our granular network of towing trucks ensures fast and appropriate intervention: when Repair on Spot is not possible, the immobilized vehicle is towed to a repairing workshop.

Car Swap for electric vehicles

It allows drivers to swap to an Internal Combustion Engine vehicle when they plan a long-range trip for instance for a week-end or for holidays. Europ Assistance leverages the access to its rental car network agreements with a wide range of vehicle types.

Tyre Protection

As tyres have high risk of damage and are expensive to replace, customers do not bear the full costs of tire replacement thanks to our tyre protection. In case of tyre puncture, we replace and assume the cost of same or equivalent tire, including a new valve if necessary, and optionally labor costs to replace and balance with new tire.

Service Activated Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance included either in the manufacturer’s warranty or its service contract is renewed for 12 months when customers service their car in the authorized repairing garage.

Micromobility & Bike Assistance

Micromobility & Bike Assistance

As usage of mobility alternatives is booming, the need for assistance to micromobility assistance is getting more and more necessary. Europ Assistance delivers roadside assistance (including repair on spot and mobility solutions) and further benefits to users of all kinds of micromobility vehicles: bikes and e-bikes, electric scooter, monowheels and segways… bringing peace of mind to their users whenever they face an incident.   

Safe travel by car with “Carry on“

Person-based mobility assistance:  Europ Assistance designed a ccomprehensive and fully customer-centric set of assistance services for people on the move, regardless of the mean of transport they use.