Travel Protection Portal

by Europ Assistance

All-stage digital customer services

Value added services beyond travel insurance
available via API

Medical network advisor

Find EA network medical providers (hospitals, GPs, specialists) in a given country or city.

Symptom checker

Obtain the best medical orientation based on declared symptoms.

Drug equivalency

Find an equivalent drugs from one country to another.

Medical phrasebook

Translate in text and audio most frequently used sentences when describing your symptoms

Emergency phone numbers

Call with one click your 24/7 EA assistance platform.

Click-to-call assistance

Obtain the best medical orientation based on declared symptoms.

Download insurance certificate

Download your policy wording and obtain an insurance certificate for any visa request.

Visas & vaccinations

Find required and recommended vaccinations and visas when travelling

I prepare my trip

Prepare your trip with peace of mind, get information on visas & vaccinations required for the country(s) you are visiting and ensure you travel well prepare to embark on new adventures!

I need medical advice.

I have a medical emergency

Needing medical attention or buying your regular treatment from a pharmacy when you’re travelling abroad can become a nightmare. The travel protection portal services give you all the relevant information so that you can take care of yourself & your loved ones in the event of a medical emergency abroad.


You are not feeling well during your trip, and you would prefer speaking to a doctor in your own language? Our teleconsultation service is available 24/7, through phone, video, or chat immediately when you need it.

I need to file a claim

After returning from your trip, you can file your claim in your travel protection portal, 24/7, in the comfort of your home. A simple & seamless way to ensure a fast reimbursement of the covered expenses you have incurred abroad and a way to ensure smooth communication at each step of the claims’ journey.

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