Distress to relief anytime, anywhere

Since we’ve invented the assistance concept over 55 years ago, our solutions have known no boundaries. Beyond emergency, our solutions help and anticipate customer needs on four corners of the globe. We guarantee business continuity 24/7, even in the most stressful crisis situations. With 9.5 million interventions—and counting—we are proud to make assistance as reliable as running water, providing care for people the world over.


• Total: 9.5 million interventions

• 18 086 plane tickets to repatriate our customers 

• 41 assistance centres

• Over 5,000,000 auto invterventions 

• €1,9 M in consolidated revenue

• Automotive: 5.3 million interventions

• Travel: 1.2 million interventions

• Personal Assistance: 3 million intervention


Europ Assistance’s global family of brands enable the group to provide customers with peace of mind, wherever life takes them. Each brand is characterized by its own set of strengths and reinforce the group’s position as a world-class assistance provider.

The world leader in assistance and care services. A major reference in the Assistance & Travel Insurance business in Europe, South America, Asia and South Africa.

Our reference brand for the Assistance and Travel Insurance in North America

Our international brand for concierge services.

Our reference brand for managed care and cost containment services for the international health care payers and their members.

Our reference brand for Global Identity and Cyber Protection business in North America