Going the Extra Mile: A Heroic Act by Martina Monika

October 9, 2015
In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we often forget the unsung heroes who work behind the scenes to ensure our safety and well-being. Meet Martina MANCA, an operator of the medical assistance operations center at Europ Assistance Italy, whose recent interview revealed a remarkable story of dedication, quick thinking, and compassion.

Martina’s day started like any other, alongside her colleagues in the operation center. However, at around 11:30 AM, they received a distress call from an NGO in Madagascar. A client deep in the forest was critically ill, likely with malaria. Time was running out, and the only way to reach a hospital was a reserved helicopter.

Undaunted by this obstacle, Martina sprang into action. She collaborated with her team to formulate a brilliant plan. They decided to send a car to transport the ailing client, Dayana to a temporary pedestrian bridge. At the bridge, they set up a support system to help her crossing. On the other side, another car waited to take her to the nearest airport. An air ambulance was arranged to complete the journey to the hospital.

Throughout this ordeal, Martina stayed in constant contact with Dayana, providing emotional support and ensuring her well-being. Dayana ended up getting the appropriate treatment and after her recovery, she was able to continue her work with her NGO.

Martina’s dedication to helping those in need, her solutions-oriented mindset, and her unwavering commitment to going the extra mile are truly inspiring. She reminds us that heroes don’t always wear capes; they are often ordinary people doing extraordinary things to make people feel taken CARE of.