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June 17, 2024
In line with the values carried by its motto, 'You Live, We Care', Europ Assistance is proud to announce the deployment of its “ThinkAbility” program…
October 26, 2023
Europ Assistance’s commitment to promote awareness and support employees affected by cancer…
August 30, 2023
Environmental issues take center stage at the Travel Conference! At the initiative of the Global Travel Business Line (BL), a global internal conference was organized…
August 30, 2023
In 2021, Europ Assistance joined forces with the French Red Cross to support the COVID vaccination campaign, during which our teams vaccinated more than 125,000…
July 12, 2023
At the initiative of the Global Travel Business Line (BL), a global internal conference was organized on April 26 at Saint-Denis. This meeting brought together…
May 4, 2023
The Care culture is the strength of Europ Assistance. Europ Assistance is also committed to a sustainable development approach in favor of the preservation of…
October 27, 2020
Each year, 58,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in France, resulting in 12,000 deaths. In this #PinkOctober month, Virginie, Anne, Nadia and Catherine,…
June 17, 2020
Christina Anagnostopoulou, Group Chief Human Resources and Internal Communication joined Europ Assistance in 2017 as HR and Organization Director for Europ Assistance Italy. Previously, she…
May 5, 2020
Verónica Herrando, Managing Director of Auto and DailyLife, earned a degree in journalism and has worked in insurance for over fourteen years. She joined Europ…
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Travel 360X150 Label

For over 60 years, Europ Assistance has been dedicated to supporting travelers around the world, providing peace of mind and exceptional care for both people and their belongings, wherever their journeys may take them.

Mobility 360X150 Label

You move, We care: from roadside assistance to mobility services. With services ranging from emergency assistance to recurring care of the vehicle lifecycle and customer mobility, Europ Assistance brings high value for motorists and people on the move delivering digitally powered and innovation driven mobility solutions

Personal Lines
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The world is changing rapidly, so as our needs for Care.. Personal Lines, we bring together the best of technology and human care to improve your daily life. Making of your Home more convenient and sustainable, protect you online activities, improve your Health and wellness, take care of the elderly and bring a bit of magic to your life with Lifestyle and Concierge services