Caring for Society – COVID-19 Emergency – Europ Assistance’s contribution

Caring for Society – COVID-19 Emergency – Europ Assistance’s contribution

April 24, 2020
Europ Assistance has undertaken a number of commitments to support the most vulnerable in society throughout the COVID-19 emergency.

COVID-19 Emergency – Europ Assistance’s contribution

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In France

  • Mobilization of resources for the Samu social de Paris to support isolated people in disadvantaged situations;
  • Contribution to Jérôme Guedj’s report and anticipation of mobilization on other solidarity initiatives;
  • Availability of essential medical equipment for hospitals and nursing staff in France and Europe;
  • Not utilising of the aid offered by the State and maintenance of the employment and remuneration of employees.

In Italy

  • 4 ventilators for intensive care and lung monitors, part of the Company’s health equipment, donated to Areu Lombardia
  • 140 cars of its rent fleet have been made available to associations and organizations for home delivery of meals and medicines
  • Employee fundraising to purchase protective equipment and lung ventilators for S.S. Hospital. Annunziata of Cosenza, pulse oximeters for San Carlo Hospital in Milan and bronchoscopes for San Gerardo Hospital in Monza.

About the initiatives delivered in France:

Supporting disadvanted families for the samu social de paris

Europ Assistance is supporting the Samu social de Paris in over 5,000 disadvantaged households currently housed in social accommodation hotels in the Ile-de-France region, usually, the Samu social de Paris supports these families throughout the year throughout field visits. However, this has been made difficult in the current context given the travel restrictions with support being delivered remotely therefore Europ Assistance has mobilized its know-how and caring culture to allow volunteering employees to contact these 5,000 households.

Stéphanie Tocque, Deputy Director of the Accommodation and Hotel Reservation division of the Samu social de Paris: “It is essential that the Samu social de Paris can fully ensure its commitment alongside the most precarious, particularly exposed and vulnerable in a health and social context if sensitive. We welcome any outside help to carry out this mission and we are delighted that private actors like Europ Assistance mobilize their teams and their know-how by our side to allow us to maintain and develop this crucial social link with the most isolated.”

Supporting the fight against isolation of the elderly during confienment

Europ Assistance has contributed to the recommendations of the mission led by Jérôme Guedj to fight against the isolation of the elderly and frail isolated during confinement.

Nicolas Sinz, President of Europ Assistance France: “We are pleased to have been asked for this mission and to be able to actively contribute to the implementation of measures already approved by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health. Assistance to the elderly and isolated is our core business and we are proud to mobilize our teams on united initiatives. In total, around fifty of our employees will be mobilized to serve the most vulnerable populations. “

Offer of medical equipment

Europ Assistance has made available equipment from its medical reserve offering 10 respirators to Ile-de-France hospitals and aeronautical oxygen bottles to the Regional Health Authorities which have enabled the transfer of patients outside Ile-de-France. Masks ordered before confinement were also distributed to several field workers, on the front line of care or assistance for the elderly.

Outside of France, Europ Assistance has also made a further donation of medical equipment in Spain and Italy while our 371 doctors are also contributing to the public health emergency through their own public health systems.

Antoine Parisi, CEO of the Europ Assistance Group: “Helping people in emergency situations resonates even more in these difficult times. In addition to our 371 doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals worldwide, all of our employees are fully dedicated to helping our customers and society. We also made available to hospitals in Milan and Madrid our stock of respirators, which we usually use in our medical repatriations.”

Europ asssitance renounces theuse of state aid

In response to the crisis and in anticipation of confinement, Europ Assistance swiftly prepared and implemented remote working with all activities carried out by remotely since March 16, ensuring total continuity of service for its customers. Europ Assistance in France will not to seek state aid during this period of crisis and chooses not to resort to partial activity for its employees while maintaining their remuneration. As a follow-up, no tax or social security charges will be requested.